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Profesor Johnson

Writing in English

Private Webclasses


 ​Google Apps Training

Learning English or Spanish


Nothing is better than a private teacher for learning English or Spanish.  I provide the required assistance to teach, assess, and correct you as you learn English or Spanish.  Using googlehangout classes you will be learning in a interactive dynamic, and fun way.  

Language learning online with Profesor Johnson

Aprendiendo inglés 


Nada es mejor que un profesor privado para aprender inglés. Yo te ofrezco la asistencia necesaria para enseñar, guiar, y mejorar tu inglés de una manera dinámica , interactiva y divertida por medio de googlehangout.  

  Colloquial Curriculum


Profesor Johnson is a language teacher in the state of New York.  He is an expert at teaching languages to all levels.  Attend one of the free colloquial classes every week to learn new words and phrases.  The colloquial classes teach you the way English is spoken on a daily basis and not just how it looks in a book.  


Profesor Johnson

Teacher of English, Spanish & Google Apps